Saturday, July 18, 2009


Scout brother to the rain bird
who knows all things under the sun and moon.

Brother to those two black birds
the big one that soars on flat wings and
the scolding little old grandmother who soars wings bending
each of these wingeds aware where everything hides.

A scout learns to outwit the enemy,
the cunning little red yellow dog with black legs teaches him.

A scout requires the wisdom of the true-dog,
the coolness of the grizzly.

The scout one with the standing-people;
trees and grasses.

One familiar with sky language,
the voice cloud and wing.

Someone who remembers while he watches,
someone watches him.

The scout not a fight man,
but one who will fight;
not a healer,
but knows which heals.

One who permits neither cold, hunger, pain,
not the fear of these stop him or the bristling of teeth.

A scout
ears and eyes of the tribe

Scout bearer of fact.

The scout bearer of truth.


from the book
Hanta Yo
by Ruth Beebe Hill

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