Friday, January 15, 2010

Jonathan E.

4 months old lounging in his favorite place.

1996 - 2010

Faithful companion
Quiet roommate
Funny fuzzball
Lap warmer
Little shadow
Noisy cuddler
Silent listener

sleeping. . .

Monday, January 4, 2010

For Today

Just for today
Show me a rainbow.
Show me a raindrop falling
on a leaf drifting to the ground.
Show me a star shining on a
Show me...
because the skies are gray
and I need to see something.


In the shadows of my heart
I keep the sound of precious air,
the light of another,
and the warmth from a smile.

Soul & Heart

The stains on my soul
are from the scars on my heart
The stars in my eyes
are from the lights in my soul
The smile on my lips
is from the love in my heart.

That Place

I returned to that place
I found myself the other day,
where relaxing was uncomfortable,
where memories and dreams dwell,
where wishes are not known,
where tears and smiles begin,
A place where your days and nights
can last forever,
the place we are anxious for,
the place we fear.


Why do they love autumn
and then fear death?
Don't they know the yellows, reds
and orange leaves on the trees
in the fall are the leaves dying..

Why do they hate having to hear
songs of the birds,
but yet sing their own hearts out
one day a week?
Don't they know they sing everyday
to show they are happy or sad...or lonely?

Lost Sleep

I get lost
in the brown glints

My heart races
when I feel how soft can feel

I sigh with happiness
and my mind drifts to sleep

Next Time

I'll remember next time
not to scramble the eggs
and I'll burn the toast

I'll remember the blue ones
not the red ones are ok.

I'll remember lemons can
taste better then pickles.

I'll remember Mondays are bad
and Saturdays are better.

I'll remember reflections
are not always that bad.

Next time I'll remember
not to forget that tomorrow
will not always bring back yesterday.