Thursday, September 30, 2010

that feeling

I forget the time
I remember the laughter
and the stories
I forgot which day
I remember the blue skies,
clouds and the sunshine
I forget the moment
I remember where I walked,
the trees and the birds songs
I forgot the feeling
. . .

Down the road

down the road
is a horizon

but the road is
too straight
too narrow
and the distance short

I lengthen it
by wandering off to one side
and then the next
which seem like small bouts
of suicide of myself

each side offers
a different smell
a different view
a different feeling

each side
a different moment
a different time
a different day

each side
lengthens the road
with the horizon

and a new me

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The distance between two hearts

How do you describe the distance when it's no longer there?
would it be how the moon
and sun share the same sky
how the evening stars collide
with the morning clouds
or knowing that everything you hear
they hear as well
seeing in their eyes
what they see in yours
knowing words
do not have to be
is felt
with a touch