Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Judge Me

Don’t judge me
Because I choose the ground
Instead of a branch

Don’t judge me
Because I am so small
Yet my voice is so loud

Don’t judge me
Because I stand alone
I am not lonely

Don’t judge me
Because not all songs
I sing are sad…

Friday, November 6, 2009

Slight Breeze


Honoring a young dancer

October 3rd, 2009 – Fort Belknap – Montana – Chief Joseph Pow Wow

This was in honor for the young boy on the right side, next to him is his grandfather. The boys parents are in the Service – his father is currently in Iraq and his mother is in Basic Training. The grandfather asked if anyone would make his grandson a bussel out of eagle feathers, he would give them a Registered Colt. The boy and grandfather lead the four Traditional Men Dancers around the floor. I took this after they completed their circle.

Alone on the hill

Wild Turkeys and the Cows

Sorry the is not sound so good - they were too far away for my camera to pick up their conversation they were having with each other.

Long Solitude

It has now come
the time
when the wind
longer sings a song
as it passes thru the tree
when the birds no longer

Nothing remains
but the coldness
that hangs in the air
like a blanket,
a blanket
that does not hide all
the loneliness
of the tree
in it’s long winter solitude.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I long for the green grasses
to lay on

to count the clouds passing by

to pick out one song
from a bird in the far off distance

to feel the many rays of the sun

to close my eyes

and sink into the grass.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holding You

I’ll hold onto your eyes
As they sparkle from the sun

I’ll hold onto your smile
That shows unexpectedly
when you hear the meadowlark sing

I’ll hold onto your voice
When you say good morning!
or when you laugh

Holding you this way

I never lose you.

A long road from hope and trust
When you lose
and trust
in a relationship
you tear yourself
up inside…

when you do…
don’t rely on someone
else to put you
back together…

You won’t be the same

In the end you’ll find
it’s a long road
back to yourself.