Wednesday, January 26, 2011


a moment
one moment
that moment
what a moment
simple moment
difficult moment
great moment
happy moment
tearful moment
sad moment
easy moment
hard moment
innocent moment
crazy moment
wierd moment
bad moment
good moment
deep moment
emotional moment
solitary moment
gifted moment
big moment
huge moment
little moment
small moment
long moment
short moment
lost moment
found moment
just a moment
raging moment
beautiful moment
ugly moment
excellent moment
terrible moment
fabulous moment
glorious moment
tender moment
their moment
few moments
two moments
no moments

remembered moments

Sunday, January 16, 2011

When I dream

I dream of the
wind blowing
in the pines

I dream of
walking in the creek
and counting fish

I dream of
in the sunshine

I dream of the
fresh scent
of the wildrose's
in the winter

I dream of
walking the hills
with the Deer, Elk
and Wild Horse's

My dream
the clouds drift by slower,
the birds sing longer,
and I can see
the other side
of the mountain.