Friday, July 17, 2009

Songs of birds

Unique Day
Today is unlike every other day
because it is unique,
there is no other day like today.
Because the songs
the meadowlark sings
maybe the same,
they don't sing it on the
same branch,
but always..
the sun is there
watching and
absorbing the different
notes and
every so brightly
as if the song made it shine.

Song of a meadowlark
As the sun comes up over the mountains
the meadowlark has already begun his song.

The meadowlark sits unseen in
the tall grasses on an old thistle
but his song can be heard from a far

The song the meadowlark sings
is a song of life and joy..
and of love for living


No one is more happy
To see the sunrise
As much as a bird
That starts to sing
At the first sliver of sunlight.


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  1. Pure is my favorite for I believe it is true