Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking Down On You

Looking down on you,
I fight to hold my tears back,
only I don't fight that hard
as one escapes.

Looking down on you
I remember your smile,
and the different ways that
you made me smile.

Looking down on you
I will forget,
but not the times
we had together.

Looking down on you
I know . . .
you are looking down on me.


I need to see
my favorite yellow flower.

I need to smell fresh
cut grass.

I need an orange butterfly
to sit on my shoulder
and cry with me.


Red flowers.
Purple flowers.
Yellow flowers.
& Blue flowers
haunt my dreams.


How can you tell a flower
is weeping?
By the rainbow that
sparkles from the early
morning dew falling from the petals.


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