Saturday, July 18, 2009

Give-Most of all

I will give you as much as I can.
If you will show me how to give more then I will give more.
I can only give as much as you need to receive or allow me to give.
If you receive all I can give, then my love is endless and fulfilled.
If you receive a portion of my love then I will give others
the balance I am capable of giving.
I must give all that I have, being what I am.


{Most of all}
It's the little things you do that mean most of all,
the real sweet and gentle things that may seem very small.
Your thoughtful, loving words of praise that make my cares seem light,
the way you laugh and joke with me that makes my outlook brighter.
It's the little things you do with just a touch or smile that add such
happiness to life and make it more worthwhile.

"nichimos come tonight
I will hold you by my side every night
I'm just staggering
without you here with me

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