Friday, July 17, 2009

It takes time

there are places I have not seen,
broken down places, places of beauty and peace...
there are bridges I have not crossed,
bridges over troubled waters,
bridges over smiling bubbling brooks...
there are heavenly bodies
I don't know,
the sparkling, dancing stars,
the silver dashing moon,
the bold kingly sun...
there are moments unspent,
moments walking at the dusk of day,
watching the tired old sun go down,
moments being alone in a field of flowers yet unpicked,
moments of standing on a mountain top,
and yet there still more mounts and hills
to be climbed
there are many stories yet untold,
and those I have not written.
the promises unbroken and those not made,
dreams that have not come true,
my prayers unsaid and those unanswered,
my fears that have not drawn tears...
the laughter that has not filled my eyes with joy,
the sorrow that has not broken my heart,
the hatred that has not made me turn against one,
there are the tomorrows of the future
and yesterdays of the past
and there's still me, made from the ground of the earth,
but I have not been noticed,
I've been through sickness and happiness
but I, as one still have along way to go.
I will forget the past and wish for the best tomorrow
and I will fight my hurt feelings,
the tears and stains,
and smile and wait for the blazing soul,
to brighten my path
it takes time.

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