Monday, May 5, 2014

That ole dirt road

That ole dirt road

Remember the one you walked down...

that was hot during the summer
really cold during the winter

the one that was
too long
too short

how good it felt to walk it alone
and lonely it could make you feel

the one that heard you sing your favorite songs
and heard you cry after you fell

the one when you walked with
your sister, brother..cousin or friend
you heard each other jokes
and secrets

the one where you had foot races & bike

running with the tumbleweeds during a wind storm
or away from them

stopping to pick the weed flowers to give
to your mom or grandmother

playing hide and seek
and Tag

how the early morning sun made it feel cold
or how a spring moon would brighten it up
at night

the smell after a rain fall
or the sound of the snow crunching under
your feet as you walked

the road that led you away from home
and back

the one that knows your shadow

it may have changed,
but it's still there


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