Saturday, January 21, 2012

12/25/11 late afternoon

December 25, 2011
My coyote moment


  1. You might like my poem called Indian Land? Do you know Malvin Jamison? I used to work with him. He is kind to me. He likes that poem. I do so like your blog. I have some photos at flickr/heartunes but haven't paid to be a pro yet, so don't know how many will show up. candy of heartunes poetry, and you know me at youtube under user/mermaidcandy site heartunes ;)

  2. Awesome. I hear them out here around Helix at night sometimes. I wondered what they looked like. I like their yip yaps.

    Also, there is an owl with a 6foot wingspan at the Helix Rodeo ground sometimes at night. He or she shrieks at my and my dog. I think it wants to eat my dog.

    1. Yes I read Indian Land, . . . Wow!

      ;-) i can't imagine you with a reverse mohawk,.. you can keep your hair :-).

      Yes I know Malvin, I've known him since I was a very little girl.

      Oooohh, keep an eye on your pets. I lost a little dog 20 years ago in Thornhollow. She was either a coyote or an owl treat.